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Mindmelt is a 3D Adventure game written in Java and using the JME3 graphics engine jmonkey engine


Early prototype

Description of MindmeltEdit

Mindmelt is my attempt to create a 3D adventure game in the visual style of Minecraft but with the gameplay of old 16 bit games like the Ultima series and Dungeon Master.

It is NOT a Minecraft clone and is NOT a sandbox game.

It is based on a very old DOS game I wrote in 1996 (screenshots to be added) which is a port of my original Atari STE game that was first written using STOS Basic and then re-written using HiSoft Basic in 1993. It was reviewed in Atari User magazine (I have a copy of the article, to be added). The STE version can still be found on Atari shareware sites and run in an STE emulator. (to be added)

The game was a crude top down, tile based game but I have always wanted to re-write it as a 3D game.

I also wanted to make it for my kids, as they love the DOS version and so do their friends.


Original MindmeltEdit

New MindmeltEdit

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